Monday, May 3, 2010

Live in Fitness

Live in Fitness Enterprise(L.I.F.E.),a unique weight loss retreat and boot camp fitness facility in Marina Del Rey founded by Eric Viskovicz.Our weight loss centers and fat camps are focused on achieving healthy lifestyles and reaching individual goals.

Founded by Eric Viskovicz, Live-in Fitness Enterprise, Inc. (L.I.F.E.) began in 1997 as Camp Technique – a boot camp that focused on the exercise component of weight loss and fitness. Soon after its conception, it developed into a live-in fitness retreat (L.I.F.E.) once Eric realized that his clients needed to be removed from their toxic environments to make the lifestyle changes necessary to take the weight off and keep it off. To become the best boot camp available, L.I.F.E. needed to be a comprehensive program that included every aspect of weight management and fitness, from exercise and nutrition to the mental and emotional issues related to food. In short, it needed to evolve from a Los Angeles boot camp only to a lifestyle-change program.
Eric’s vision for L.I.F.E. to transcend traditional “fat farms” and become a learning environment in which clients could receive help making the changes needed to have long-term results is now an amazing reality. Since Camp Technique became L.I.F.E., a complete lifestyle change program, our clients’ success has skyrocketed. Government and media have also been quick to recognize that L.I.F.E. goes above and beyond the average weight loss summer camp. Eric and his company have received numerous commendations from government officials, and he has enjoyed international press coverage as well as appearances on TV shows such as Dr. Phil, America's Next Top Model, and Fox Sports West. His high-profile clients have included professional athletes and performers such as Bette Midler and Chris Daughtry.
Eric continually looks for ways to enrich the programs. He bases his decisions on his motto: “We need to help each individual who walks through our door!” From this passion stems a program that works for everyone.

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