Saturday, January 26, 2013

Guilty until Proven Innocent USA LAW

I copied the response below from the comments from the article above that was about Aaron Swartz.  What this guy says is true.

I'm conservative and I recognize that people who believe everything the government tells them are naive. Stevan until you face off against the U.S. government you won't understand the meaning of pressure. You face decades in a prison everyday. Your wife is frightened for her own safety and always leaves you, you lose custody of your children and have to pay outrageous child support because you can't win in family court while you are under indictment. You have to think everyday how your children are going to grow up without a father and how they won't know you. People spit on you and insult you, the IRS and State Tax board say they are going to bring tax fraud unless you plead guilty, your computers get taken, you wait three or four years while they conduct an investigation, they harass your employers so that you get fired from every job you have, they call all of your friends and colleagues who are now afraid to talk to you. They force people to make statements against you that aren't true. Their ability to illicit false witness statements is unbelievable and then the witness can't change their statement because it is a federal crime to do so (lying to federal agent). Your companies collapse, you lose your home and belongings, you owe millions of dollars to attorneys, your shareholders start calling and threatening you. They ask for millions in victim reparations that can't be eliminated by bankruptcy and result in life long wage garnishments and no chance to build a business. You can't get a new job because they lie about you on the internet. You wait another three years for the trial. Every day under tremendous pressure unlike any a normal person will ever go through. Trust me. Suicide is a way out.

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