Saturday, February 18, 2017

Healing - The Jesus Trip

Effortlessly Heal the Sick with the Gospel ... There are a ton of ministries out there pawning off formulas of how to heal the sick and trying to answer the question, "Why does healing not always happen?" This week, John Crowder explains how we do not need complicated scriptural or metaphysical formulas for healing the sick. Nor do we need to be problem focused in searching out root causes for sicknesses. In releasing the simple reality of our existing wholeness in Christ and understanding our God given authority, we can flow in the supernatural effortlessly and naturally. For more information on John Crowder and Sons of Thunder Ministries and Publications, visit us online at Get our new iPhone app Free at the Apple App Store: Get our new Android app Free at the Google Play Store: Find audio teachings and books at: Find upcoming conferences, schools and events at: Find upcoming mission trips you can join at: Find out about Cana New Wine Seminary online at: Find the Ecstatic Magazine online at: Become a member of our live monthly web conferences: Follow John on Twitter at: Follow John's personal Facebook page at: Follow John's public Facebook page at: Follow John on Instagram at: Send a big fat love donation!! Category People & Blogs

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